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The importance of a sound roof does not need an explanation. It is a common knowledge that leaking roofs mean not only discomfort, but lead to serious structural and health related issues. Penetrating water may cause rotting and decay of underlying structures which may lead to structural deterioration and sometimes dangerous accidents. It may also lead to development of mold that could be potentially harmful to inhabitants.

Chicago architecture hosts plentiful of multiple unit buildings that are crowned with flat roofs. Flat roof is a very popular design equally among older builds as well as newly constructed multiple units Condominiums, commercial and mixed units. Flat roofs offer space for leisure and entertainment with popular roof deck systems. They also often host utility units like AC, furnaces and satellite dishes.  All these as well as architectural design of a flat roof often provide many opportunities for water penetration.

Illinois Home Improvement Corporation  is a State of Illinois Licensed Roofing Contractor with vast experience in installation, site repairs and servicing of flat roofs. Illinois Home Improvement Corporation is specializing in servicing and repairing of existing and installing new residential and commercial flat roofs. Main area of expertise is detecting difficult to assess roof leaks, repairing both surface and structural damages and protecting against future occurrences. These skills are particularly used for repairs of flat roof damages occurring on newer buildings built after year 2000. Due to vast expertise and experienced masonry unit of masonry subsidiary Best Brickmasters we easily detect, price and repair both common and most difficult deterioration. Having “in house” masonry division, we provide complex waterproofing of exterior masonry elevations to prevent problems developing in the future. Illinois Home Improvement Corporation is undertaking repairs of existing roof covered with slate and clay tiles as well as copper.